2019 Legislative Agenda

Legislative Priorities

We believe Pelham plays an significant role in the economic well-being of Southwest Georgia, and is invested in advocating for a strong quality of life and protecting and improving its economic competitiveness. The Pelham Chamber of Commerce intends to promote outcomes on the following issues:

  1. Economic Development, Tourism and Taxation
    1. Support extending the state job tax credit program to include jobs retained by businesses impacted in federally-declared emergency areas.
    2. Support extending the recognized investment tax credit to include businesses impacted in federally-declared emergency areas that reinvest in their existing communities.
    3. Oppose legislation that allows discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or practice.
    4. Encourage better investment in Georgia’s tourism marketing funding to help effectively compete with other areas.
    5. Support regional partnership and marketing between local chambers of commerce, development authorities and local governments to achieve economies of scale in rural areas.
    6. Increase broadband volume through public and private investment and incentives.
  2. Education & Workforce Development
    1. Maintain college and career ready standards for K-12 public education to encourage a more globally competitive workforce.
  • Health Care
    1. Ensure the feasibility of our statewide health system.
    2. Support initiatives and investments that strengthen our regional health care provision system